I. It is Acorn’s vision to create an exclusive investment for investors that will

  • provide an alternative investment to listed equity portfolios,
  • with less volatility, and
  • generate long-term capital appreciation, with superior returns.

II. Acorn aims to provide investors with diversified exposure to:

  • unlisted agri and food businesses in Southern Africa,
  • sustainable and profitable medium-sized enterprises,
  • that have scalable business models to allow for exponential growth.

III. Acorn endeavours to outperform similar investment funds through the applications of:

  • selective deal making,
  • effective corporate governance,
  • strict risk management,
  • active and diligent pursuit of leads,
  • focusing on growing and profitable sectors,
  • seeking out exceptional risk adjusted returns, and
  • alignment with key players in these sectors to ensure deal flow of a high calibre.

IV. Acorn actively aligns the team with key players in the private equity industry to ensure sustainable and strong deal flow is maintained.

V. Acorn aims to maximise the gain from current low pricing and opportunities in the markets, and

VI. To provide accurate and relevant reporting and investment analysis of the highest standard to our investors.