Impact Investing


Here at Acorn, we believe in shifting the spotlight from “reporting” to “management”. In our view, improving sustainability practices must begin on management decision-making level. Rather than it being an external goal to achieve, it should instead be an internal driving factor that is directed by a moral compass.

Living out what we believe in our hearts is a core principle for us. Social and environmental responsibility beyond legal requirements is embedded within the morals and attitudes of our management teams.

This means that every decision taken at management level already weighs ESG factors and is driven by the internal values of each decision-maker. This internal driving force is present right from the start of our evaluation processes when investigating a possible investment and extends throughout the due diligence process. 

Each investment Acorn makes has been carefully weighed with ESG factors front of mind and each subsequent decision after investment within our management capabilities regarding our portfolio is weighed the same way. 

We are also committed to reporting timely information and maintaining an open and transparent conversation with investors on our ESG.

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